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Somerset Phoenix Project

Working alongside professionals and supporting children, young people and families affected by sexual abuse.

A specialist service supporting the development of professionals in Somerset. We are here to reduce the negative impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) on the lives of children and families living in Somerset

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Counselling and 1-2-1 support

The Somerset Phoenix Project is here to help children and young people who have been sexually abused. We also help the families of those young people and the professionals working with them. The service is for young people living in Somerset.

The project can provide direct support to young people through:

  • Specialist Support Work 
  • Counselling
  • Creative therapies

There may be a waiting list for  these services. 

We can also provide support for young people indirectly by:

  • Training or consultation for professionals (such as teachers, counsellors, support workers, etc.) so they can better support young people
  • Supporting parents and carers 

The Somerset Phoenix Project is a joint project between Barnardo’s and SARSAS (Somerset & Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support).


1:1 Specialist Support 

A Specialist Support Worker can work with you for up to 24 sessions. They are trained in working with young people who have experienced trauma and sexual abuse. They can work with you to identify things in your life you may be finding difficult and support you to set goals and help you achieve them. You do not have to talk about the abuse itself if you do not want to. This person can provide support, advice, guidance and understanding. They may be able to help you understand why you may be feeling the way you are feeling and give you tips/advice on how to manage this. 


Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental space in which you can talk to a trained, experienced trauma counsellor about your thoughts and feelings. 
Counsellors will work with you at your own pace and will not advise you on what to do, but support and empower you to find your own answers, in order to help you cope and recover. A counsellor will usually offer 12-24 sessions, for 50 minutes once a week. 

Creative Therapies

All sessions are child-centred and the aim of the therapy is to provide children with ways of expressing themselves through art and play when they cannot find the words to say how they feel or talk about their difficulties. This form of therapy is gentle and nurturing, providing the child with a safe space and the undivided attention of a therapist who is trained to understand the meaning of the play and art created in the sessions. With the help of the therapist the child can begin to make sense of his or her overwhelming feelings and find ways of coping and managing them. This usually results in the child feeling more resourceful, confident, and able to trust and take support from others.  In some cases we will advise that some or all the sessions should include the parent/carer when the primary focus of therapy is to strengthen the attachment relationship. These sessions are usualy prioritised for those children who are 12 years and under.

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