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Somerset Phoenix Project

Working alongside professionals and supporting children, young people and families affected by sexual abuse.

A specialist service supporting the development of professionals in Somerset. We are here to reduce the negative impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) on the lives of children and families living in Somerset

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Update to Request for Support From

15 Jul 21 Update to Request for Support From

We have updated our Professional Request for Support form, please start using this new form from today.

We are also trying to make the process between submitting a request for support and taking the case to triage easier and quicker. We still need a form to be submitted but we want to speed up the information gathering stage for you, the child/YP and their family.

When we receive your request for support form we will email you back a link to book an information gathering slot. This means that you can control the pace of the referral much more.

The slots usually are on a Monday and Tuesday pm, If the slots land on your non-working days, we will be able to arrange something separately. We aim to trial this for a period of months to see if this helps everyone. At present processing a request for support takes about 4-6 weeks. We aim to get this time down.

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