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Somerset Phoenix Project

Working alongside professionals and supporting children, young people and families affected by sexual abuse.

A specialist service supporting the development of professionals in Somerset. We are here to reduce the negative impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) on the lives of children and families living in Somerset

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Support for parents/carers

The Somerset Phoenix Team offer support specifically for parent/carers whose children are survivors of any type of sexual abuse. There is lots on offer to support you with the issues affecting you, your child and the rest of the family.

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18 Mar 2020


Anonymous parent/carer email support

We understand that in the early days of finding out your child has been sexually abuse you need immediate support and information. Our anonymous email system allows you to ask for this information and support and have a reply by our highly trained adult counsellor.

Bookable clinic slots

You might prefer to have support face to face or over the phone. You can book an hour of our adult counsellors time to offload worries, get support and guidance for issues that are facing you, your child and your family.

In order to get access to this service we need you or a professional to submit a request for support form and for it to be accepted by the service.

Adult counselling

We offer a limited service for parents/carers whose children have be sexually abused. It is a place and space just for you to get support with an adult counsellor. You will be able to work alongside them for a number of weeks to engage in your own therapeutic recovery.

In order to get access to this service we need you or a professional to submit a request for support form and for it to be accepted by the service.

Therapeutic Parenting Support

Therapeutic parenting is different to other parenting support that other organisations may offer. It is a series of up to 6 sessions with a trained specialist support worker. They will work alongside you at your pace in a place that is comfortable for you to meet. It helps you understand how your child or young person’s brain is working, why they react and behaviour in a way that is different from their peers who aren't survivors of abuse, the ripples and impact of the abuse on them, you and your family, it can look at the relationship your child or young person had or still wants with the abuser, the grooming process, and ways to support your child and you going forward.

Peer Support Group 

The Somerset Phoenix Team offer a peer support group called the New Beginnings Group.  The group is designed for parents / carers to give them a better understanding of the effects that sexual abuse can have on children.  The content of the group will cover topics such as the science of emotions and how emotions impact on behaviour, how the brain functions and how brain pathways impacted by negative experiences have the potential to be repaired.  

It will also introduce research based techniques and strategies that a parent can use to support their children and build a more positive future together.

Another large and significant part of the course will also be thinking about the importance of taking care of themselves as a parent and as a person and why this should be a priority.

The course is run over a series of weeks and each session is two and a half hours long.  It is important that attendees can attend all sessions, baring illness and unforeseen circumstances, due to the content being covered and building upon previous learning.

Two Specialist Support Workers will facilitate the group.  Due to the nature and content the group will be kept small.  If more people express an interest than available places then their name will be put on a waiting list. In case anyone is no longer able to attend their names will be put forward for the next group.

We realise that attending a group can be an anxious experience so a drop in session will be organised prior to the group starting.  This will give parents / carers a chance to:

  • meet the facilitators,
  • meet other attendees,
  • ask questions about the course and
  • find the venue and work out parking. 

By meeting the facilitators and seeing the venue beforehand we hope that it may help to reduce any anxieties they may have.


For any of the options above please do get in contact using one of the methods below to explore whether you are eligible and what you would like with one of our team.


Phone or text number: 07590 627693


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