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Somerset Phoenix Project

Working alongside professionals and supporting children, young people and families affected by sexual abuse.

A specialist service supporting the development of professionals in Somerset. We are here to reduce the negative impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) on the lives of children and families living in Somerset

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Training for professionals

Welcome to our training page, we have proudly trained over 2000 professionals across Somerset since we started in 2017. NEW for this year is our pre-recorded bitesize courses, we have created a selection of themes that allows for a deeped dive into trauma knoweldge.

Our current focus this year is to continue to offer FREE training to only those professionals who have the time, role and capacity to offer indirect specialist support to the children and young people who their organisation works with. By booking a place on both the disclosure and threat response courses below, you are indicating that your role will allow you the time to work with any child identified as being sexually abused in your organisation. If the service recieves a request for support from that organisation we will most likely offer to support you to deliver the recovery work rather than add the child/YP to a long waiting list. We will support you through our consultation process.

The current courses on offer are:

Disclosure and the courts

Threat response and the survival loop

These two courses put together are our original foundation course. 

How it works?

Before the course: - We will send you a selection of pre-reading to be done before the day/time of the course.

On the day of the course: - We will send you a virtual invite to join the group of delegates and the trainers. The trainers will introduce the course and explain how the material is delivered. They will also be on hand throughout the allocated run time of the course to answer any questions. You will then be sent the link to the training material and will have an assigned time to complete it. The activities will require good time management skills to stick to the allotted time for each activity, keeping you on track for the final part of the course. We have built in a small amount of time for comfort breaks. At the end of the session the trainers will be available by virtual link and email to answer any questions or to facilitate any group discussions that delegates would find helpful.


Bitesize courses


Polyvagal theory



These bitesize courses will be released monthly. The course will be open for the duration of the day so that you can fit it in around your other commitments.


After all the courses: - There maybe links to further reading and the all-important feedback survey. The survey is very important to us as this feedback not only informs how we deliver our material but also helps us know how many professionals feel upskilled. Should you wish to recieve a certificate we would be happy to provide one.

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